A Message About Covid-19 To ensure the safety of your pets and their families, we are COVID compliant. We use separate single use gloves and separate leashes for each dog, unless you provide your own. We wash paws upon return. During our hikes, we make sure we practice social distancing and remain 6 ft. away from other walkers. Call today to get started (530) 363-0542.

Dog Walking Services in Tahoe


Working in the service industry for 21 years in North Tahoe, I learned the importance of being resourceful and getting the most out of my dog’s walks. Maximum energy output within the minimum time allotted, and quality over quantity. From 4th of July traffic to a Christmas week holiday blizzard, you have to know where to go, to get that energy out. All of my outings will be planned with this in mind. Based on the pick-up location, the energy level/experience of the pack, weather factors involved, I will choose the destination best suited. Lake Tahoe’s endless gifts can be found even on the shortest jaunt, and usually not too far from where we are on both the west and north shores.

Everyone's daily routine is different. Season to season, week to week, day to day. Some days we want to charge full-throttle, and some days we just want to have a day in the sun with our friends….I can’t wait to make you and your family’s best friend, my friend, and share the Tahoe way.



($5 fee per additional dog)
15-20 minute walk near home. Food check if requested, water replenished. Light play session in yard. Some dogs just don't need a full hour of play, checking-in is good.


($5 additional dog per household)
50-55 minute walk based on the energy of the group. Usually 2-6 dogs. Swimming optional on owner’s request spring/summer/fall outings. 5-30 minute travel and dog maintenance time included.


($10 additional dog per household)
2-2.5 hour planned excursion based on the energy of the group. 4 dog maximum, multiple water and treat breaks as needed. Swimming optional on owner’s request in spring/summer/fall. 30-45 minute travel and dog maintenance time included.


($30/hr. 2-hr max)
Custom home visits available. Short walks, light play, replenish water, give meds, or just keep your dog(s) company. I will come to where your dog is the most comfortable to spend time and check-in when you can't.

all schedules first come first serve.
all excursions may be shortened by weather, based on the safety of your dog(s), and me!

**Actual time with your dog(s) may be closer to 1.5 hours based on travel time due to season/weather. ***Actual time with your dog(s) may be over 3 hours based on travel time due to season/weather.
Our Service Area
Serving the West Shore to Dollar Hill Alpine Meadows and Olympic Valley*
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*prices may vary during peak season