A Message About Covid-19 To ensure the safety of your pets and their families, we are COVID compliant. We use separate single use gloves and separate leashes for each dog, unless you provide your own. We wash paws upon return. During our hikes, we make sure we practice social distancing and remain 6 ft. away from other walkers. Call today to get started (530) 363-0542.

About The Dog Abides

About The Dog Abides | Dog Walking Services in North Lake Tahoe

"I was blessed to have dogs around me growing up my whole life."

A Saint Bernard, a couple of Toy Poodles, until my mother finally landed on Bearded Collies back when they were pretty rare. I inherited her 5th Beardie, Billy, almost 3 years ago, and he has reminded me why my mother fell in love with the breed back then. My interest in learning about all breeds started early.

I always loved Nordic breeds, and finally found a long-haired white German Shepard after college in Santa Barbara that I named Yeti. My passion for the snow and snowboarding eventually was too much to deny, so we moved north. Shortly after moving to Lake Tahoe I found a mate for Yeti and raised a litter of pups, eventually keeping one of Yeti’s sons. Shadow was, literally my shadow , and we shared an amazing 12 years here. We moved to the tropics in Mexico for 2 winters and Shadow become an icon. He was the only polar bear in Sayulita! We adopted a street dog who had had a rough go so far. The short 2 years that I had him, was very rewarding and humbling working through his rehabilitation. It also strengthened my love for all dogs and the power of the bond between dog and human.

After over 30 years in the service industry, I have decided to dedicate my service to the enhancement of dogs lives, as well as those of their owners. I am currently enrolled in a comprehensive animal behavior course, focused on dog obedience, and look forward to expanding and increasing my services as my education continues. I feel blessed to love what I do, and where I get to do it, here in Lake Tahoe. And I want to pass this blessing on. Tahoe provides this breathtaking playground, we are here to abide by its beauty and frolic in it.

Paws down, tails up, let’s go....... Scott Harris
Owner, The Dog Abides
Wake. Run. Play. Pant. Swim. Love. Bark. Eat. Rest. Repeat. Abide.
This is the Tahoe ritual. The routine that year-round beckons our participation. I know, the modern world beckons as well. That is why I am here, to lead the pack, when you can’t. Our dogs are our connection to how simple it is, and how simple it should be. Trust, consistency and positive reinforcement help strengthen the building blocks of a well-socialized dog, and the surroundings in Lake Tahoe offer the best environment in which to thrive. My passion for dogs and over 20 years of loving life in North Lake Tahoe has inspired me to share this knowledge and passion with like-minded residents and travelers to the area. I truly believe there does not exist a more dog-friendly haven than Lake Tahoe, and our four-legged companions know this. From a simple walk in the area familiar to your dog close to home, to a mountain or beach hike with a pack of new friends, The Dogs always Abide. Sunrise to sunset, the Lake and the Sierras provide the backdrop. Meeks Bay to Blackwood Canyon, Paige Meadows to Bristlecone Beach, I am here to lead the pack and abide by the ritual. I look forward to meeting you and your dog(s), and sharing the beauty and simplicity that is Lake Tahoe.

Client Testimonials
"My wife and I don't have kids, we have our dog, Kona. To say that we're a bit overprotective of our almost thirteen-year old German Shepard would probably be an understatement....we fuss over her quite a bit. But, we're also an active couple, an we like to take trips out of town, and we like to go see live music shows, and there's no one we trust more with our Kona Bear than the The Dog Abides dog care. Scott has shown remarkable patience in handling our old girl and we feel so comfortable leaving her in his care. Thanks a million Scott!"

"Scott Harris is one of the most caring and compassionate people that I know. He is responsible and knowledgeable about animals and took great care of my dogs...Sierra, Rush and Denali. Scott always respected their stubborn nature as they are Siberian Huskies. His fabulous communication and organizational skills helped me to work with my dogs. I highly recommend his services. He is a true animal lover."
-Kristen Tahoe City, CA.
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