A Message About Covid-19 To ensure the safety of your pets and their families, we are COVID compliant. We use separate single use gloves and separate leashes for each dog, unless you provide your own. We wash paws upon return. During our hikes, we make sure we practice social distancing and remain 6 ft. away from other walkers. Call today to get started (530) 363-0542.

Full Service Dog Walking North Tahoe

Wake. Run. Play. Pant. Swim. Love. Bark. Eat. Rest. Repeat. Abide.

The Dog Abides | Full Service Dog Walking North Tahoe

This is the Tahoe ritual. The routine that year-round beckons our participation. I know, the modern world beckons as well. That is why I am here, to lead the pack, when you can’t.

Our dogs are our connection to how simple it is, and how simple it should be. Trust, consistency and positive reinforcement help strengthen the building blocks of a well-socialized dog, and the surroundings in Lake Tahoe offer the best environment in which to thrive.

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